Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Place it closer to them

The experiment of placing computers close to the students made me think about the possibility to replicate in some ways the idea to accomplish some of our needs.

During this week, one topic that have been discussed several times is the lack of technology within our families. It makes sense that the families most likely of not having access to a computer are those on poverty. At the same time families in poverty usually live in apartment complexes. 

Most districts will have some computers ready for surplus, still functioning and having access to internet. Is it crazy to think about the possibility of making agreements between building administration and districts to place some of this computers available for our students?  I'm sure it is more complicated than it sounds, but still a viable idea if you want to give students access to technology. 


  1. I like that you are thinking about the most challenged communities and access. Our district has made available through labs, computers in the main offices of schools etc. In my experience, I am finding that most of the students in my school (85% Free and reduced) have access. Perhaps 5% do not. However, all but a couple students from a pool of 75, do not have phones that access the internet. In fact, it is shocking how many of our students have phones more capable and more expensive than do the teachers. I look forward to the day, we all are able to access free wifi anywhere we go. It will open the door to so much for our poorest people.

  2. I love the idea about placing equipment in the apartment complexes. We've started to use the complexes as a hub for communication with our most challenged populations - this would be a great extension of that.

  3. I think a well thought-out, well written proposal to the leadership of IT with all the attached benefits could be well received. I'm happy to help you with it.