Thursday, July 14, 2011

Learning to Fly

Today for me was the most meaningful in that what I saw regarding student engagement was amazing.  Although I do not believe that technology can replace the teacher, I do believe that technology can be used to allow students who already possess basic skills to fly.  There is no doubt that we need structures in place to guide the education of children, but sometimes those structures can obstruct a child's true potential.


  1. Helping teachers discover the potential of technology will only provide continued avenues for students to demonstrate their knowledge. When we start focusing on students showing us what they know using multiple mediums that is when technology will truly open a new digital classroom. I have been intrigued by articles on how to set up a "blended class" with online opportunities for learning available in each classroom. The potential to meet individual learning needs is amazing.

  2. I appreciated your thoughts on web design in our group,and student production. It's all possible, and transformative- hard to move the system in a responsive way. I'd like to talk more about it.


  3. I agree. Technology cannot replace a teacher unless of course, as the one quote we heard said, "if a computer can replace a teacher it should." I think one of the greatest potentials of technology is to help an average teacher become very good, if not great.