Monday, July 11, 2011

Creativity and Balance

Sir Ken Robinson reflection about the similarity of public education and fast food where the system seems to have a linear vision about what and how education should be.  I agree with his view about the importance to have a organic approach to the educational process, I agree as well to the challenges our current students face when motivation and pleasure of learning and discovering themselves seems not to match with every day's expectations on the school site.

We are touching a sensitive field when on one hand there are specific learning targets to accomplish in order to be "on track for college" and on the other hand a system that still decides what, when, how you are learning.

Taking the risk of sharing a short reflection without the opportunity justifying my thoughts;

+ Education is complex and one of the most important chanllenges of our society.

+ Rather than "what, when and how", any educator have to have a clear philosophy about education and his/her roll on the process. On other words WHY we are on the education field, WHO is the student (knowledge), and WHAT is our envision of our student's future.

+ Balance between fulfilling basic needs to survive and opportunities to flourish.

+ The importance of  developing the switch from my vision to his/her potential.


  1. Your second paragraph really points to the crux of the issue for me. I'm a proponent of standards--they're the road map for the "what and how" of student learning. But I also don't want to be narrowed by these standards, either. It's a sticky issue!

  2. my view it really is the HOW. The teacher is the key. If a teacher can align constructivist, engaging instruction that is aligned with the state standards & coming soon the Common Core Standards...WOW! I have had the pleasure of observing teachers in 17 school districts and there are pockets of excellence out there. What a joy to watch a teacher who understands this balance in action!