Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google Appetite

Today exposure to the google applications reminded me about an old feeling. When I was starting my career as educator I was introduced to a wide spectrum of alternatives... Education offered itself a variety of pathways of expertise. Do I remain in elementary or high school level? Do I specialize in Math or I pursue the human development and possible focus on counseling? Do I see myself as a leader or I prefer to become an whole life dedicated instructor?...

Feeling like these have never left me alone... it happens again and again when you attend a new conference or get in contact with new ideas... Inside of you arise the feeling of a new possible expertise. The down side of this reality is that haunting feeling that trying to become an expert in everything will most likely take you to become "nobody", and expert in nothing... Spreading out to thin is not a comfortable feeling.

The information revolution and technology opportunities of nowadays don't help,  and that was exactly the feeling I experienced this morning when I realized again that there are so many things to learn about, that just jumping all around different places resemble like attending this amazing banquet  where the endless alternatives are bigger that your appetite and bit and pieces is not enjoyable.

I don't know if my approach to this situations have been the best choice, I am not sure I have sacrifice the possibility of a granular expertise in something, and if that would be a better choice.  Honestly I don't have if one is better than the other. Nevertheless,  if something has helped me on my personal process is to keep alive on of my mantras:  to be an educator you first have to be a learner... learning as life attitude is crucial for educators.

How much did I get today? I don't know... what I know is that I learn more opportunities around,  I'm looking forward to work with some of them soon... the rest will be a part of my subconscious memory to be recall eventually.


  1. I understand where you are coming from as I, too, have felt that initial excitement when learning new things, quickly followed by a sense that it is all too much for me to take in, process, and ultimately share with others. I wear so many different hats and I always feel like I'm playing "catch up" to develop the expertise in each area. I have to continually remind myself to slow down, go into one thing at a time, and to always remember there are others out there I can turn to for guidance. I want to know it all right now...alas, that will not (nor should it) happen...lifelong learning? Absolutely!

  2. Well put, Alfonso. It's both motivating, and a bit confusing, to realize how much is out there that we don't know. It's great to have an idea of the potentials, and scary to realize how much there is to learn.

  3. I agree yesterday was an experience of look at all there is out there in "technology land" and it is just waiting for us to discover it. Your comment about one must be a learner to be an educator is so true. I have seen educators that do not live by this belief and it shows in their classrooms. Everyday I hope to learn something and usually I have. Learning makes life worth so much more than just existing.

  4. It will be great to take these google apps back to Aloha-Huber. I am especially interested in taking a serious look at Kahn Academy.